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If you have a million passwords, codes, PINs and other security details jangling around in your head, you may want to consider using some software to help you remember them before things get out of hand. Developed by Siber Systems, AI Roboform is a password collector which can remember and automatically input your passwords into any website. Instead of remembering all those different passwords - and usernames and the sites to which they belong - the most your brain will have to do is hold on to just one password which unlocks AI Roboform’s database.
AI Roboform is one of the pioneering programs of its sort, and despite other niftier and more elegant solutions which are now available, it’s still a solid and trustworthy companion for anyone who’s afraid of getting locked out of their system after too little sleep the night before. The free version of the program will hold up to ten login-password combinations which are automatically associated with their respective sites, with AI Roboform prompting you to save your password information when you’re logging into a site. There’s a handy feature which allows you to stop Roboform auto-prompting to save passwords, which can get a tad annoying especially if you’re using the free version and only have ten to play around with. In addition, the program integrates well with all the major browsers out there, with bundled add-ons for Internet Explorer and Firefox working a treat.
Encryption of passwords is highly secure, and the program also allows you to save logins to USB and transfer them between PCs. Although we’d like to see networked capabilities in the future (whereby you can access your passwords via online account rather than based on computer), AI Roboform is an easy-to-use and highly secure free password manager which has stood the test of time.

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Reviewed by Mark Yeow
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